Soft, cool, and carbon neutral

About Us

Baloo Living Canada is here to serve your natural health and balance

We are inspired by our bodies' innate healing abilities and natural balance. The deep pressure stimulation of a Baloo Blanket feels like a firm hug, massage or swaddling. It soothes the nervous system, alleviates stress and anxiety, and increases serotonin production - the happy hormone.

We stand for healthy, sustainable, conscious living

Baloo Living Canada is the only Eco-Friendly, Luxury Weighted Blanket made with lead-free glass microbeads and soft premium cotton that's cool and breathable for year-round use.

We are in the process of phasing out all plastic in packaging to be replaced with reusable dust bags.

We are members of the NYC Fair Trade Coalition (NYFTC) and the Ethical Brand Directory. These grassroots organizations exist to support fair trade and sustainability throughout the fashion industries in the US and the UK.

Eco-Friendly company working to support the environment and our communities

Baloo was created to express respect and honor for self, for our communities, and for the universal challenges we experience as humans driven to live our most meaningful lives. We donate a portion of profits to the Pajama Program, supporting the most vulnerable children in our communities at bedtime.

We are a carbon neutral company through partnership with Sea Trees by Sustainable Surf. Blue Ocean projects include replanting mangrove forests on the island of Biak, Indonesia, and restoring kelp forests off the coast of California; ecosystems that can sequester more than five times more carbon from the atmosphere than tropical rainforests! Additionally these projects support sustainable education, and community building while restoring habitat that supports hundreds of threatened and endangered species.