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Under the Covers with Ksenia Avdulova

Ksenia Avdulova


Ksenia Avdulova is a public speaker, founder of the award-nominated digital platform Breakfast Criminals, and host of Woke & Wired podcast, focusing on expanded consciousness and entrepreneurship in the digital age.  


There's been a lot to keep us up at night lately, how do you create a sacred space for bedtime to get better quality sleep?

Some of my favorite wind-down rituals include getting off social media (a boundary that is a game-changer), swapping bright lights for Himalayan salt lamps and beeswax candles, and either taking a bath of a session in my infrared sauna. I also love to make a relaxing evening elixir – sometimes it's a chocolate CBD oat milk, and sometimes it's an ACV elixir with honey and lemon.

What is your favorite part of your morning routine? 

My morning elixir – can you tell I'm all about nourishing drinks? Sometimes it's a coffee, sometimes a matcha and sometimes a cup of heart-opening ceremonial cacao. Choosing a drink that feels right for my body on any given day is a way to practice tapping into my body, first thing in the morning! 

Do you have any small practices throughout the day for recentering yourself? 

I'm lucky to live in a cabin in the woods. Taking a walk around our property and noticing sounds of animals (coyotes, owls and a variety of other birds) and change of seasons is grounding and centering. Whether you're in nature or in the city, taking a moment to look at the sky, the earth or plants around you while you take 3 deep breaths is a magical way to drop right back into your body.

What are you grateful for? 

My visionary fiance Eric, the ability to work from home through my digital business and podcast, and health! 

What are you most looking forward to or feeling optimistic about? 

By moving from New York City to a forest in the Catskills, I've taken a lifestyle of wellness and connection to Planet beyond my plate and into my home and daily activities. Daily projects and the expansion of our property to cabin #2 is what I'm most excited about! 

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